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“Neck pain, bone pain content describes the cause of the disease, who is more affected, diagnosis, treatment, treatment for treatment, prevention evidence.

Especially during the neck of the spinal cord, special erosion and unwanted bone are formed. It is a natural decay process. This process may start at 30 or more even at the age of 20 years. The distance between the disk between the two bones (the vertebrae) between disk or disk is very much reduced. Our nervous system releases through two vertebrae. These lesions or unwanted areas cause pressure in the surrounding meat, nerves or membranes. As a result, there was severe pain in those areas. This pain can be extended to the arm even fingers of the hand.

Disease causes

  • Suddenly, this pain may start intensely or slowly
  • The patient felt pain behind the neck
  • There is difficulty in moving the neck, leaning forward or facing back difficulties
  • There are pain like electric shock to cough in the field. In very pain, the patient’s hands are comforted to lift over the head
  • Many people have difficulty in swinging
  • If the nerves are affected by this disease, there may be pain in one hand or part of it.

Who are more affected.

  • Generally, men and women of any age group older than 30 years may be infected with this disease.
  • Especially those who work at the neck or work of neck movements (such as surgeons, dentists, actors, car drivers, etc.) have more of these diseases.
  • It may also be due to the differentiation of personal habits in daily life. If you use thick pillows under the head for long periods of time, or if you are sleeping, reading books at a time, or changing the condition frequently in the AC / non-AC environment, the chances of this disease increase.


Disease diagnosis can be identified by considering clinical examination and symptoms. Neck X-ray plays a major role in this case.


  • Acute pain will take complete rest in the situation
  • If needed, medicines according to the doctor’s advice will be required
  • Applying thermotherapy, shortwave dihythmry and traction to the neck muscles results in good results. If the pain decreases, then the neck should be exercised for some days so that it is not attacked again later
  • Cerebral collars may be read in the field


Those who have once been infected with Survival Spondylosis should be aware of the following:

  • Regular neck special exercises
  • Have a habit of sleeping in a solid equal bed and with a thin pillow
  • Use ‘zero’ data for teaching (zero docs where the back can be kept straight and kept with your hand)
  • Use hot water in the Goselle
  • Negative weight can not be borne
  • Who can not massage and massage
  • Stay away from the cold

If you have pain in the neck even after properly performing these arrangements then you should immediately consult the specialist without neglecting it.


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