Diabetes patients should do

The number of diabetic patients is increasing in Bangladesh as well as in the world. The increase in the number of third world countries like us is much higher. Eating more than necessary, not exercising, and the number of diabetes patients due to hereditary factors. It is not possible to do better once someone sees diabetes, but it is possible to keep diabetes under control. Keeping diabetes under control, it is possible to avoid heart disease, stroke, eyes and kidney problems. To be honest, diabetes is a disease that can affect any part of the body. And that is why we have tested diabetes if any diseases occur.

Regular blood glucose test

Those who are able to buy glaucomaiter. If it is not possible every day, one day a week you will check your blood glucose machine. These tests of blood need to be done at different times of the day (empty stomach, after 2 hours of breakfast, before and after lunch, before and after eating at night). Food (according to food list) must be regularly and after 3 hours after eating them. (8am, 11pm, 2pm, 5pm, 9pm and at night before sleeping, you will certainly taste something). Regular exercise and food control and after taking medicines, if a patient has high blood glucose levels or (HBA1c) more than 7%, then it is understandable that the ability to make insulin in the body is decreasing. In that case, insulin will need to be started.

Glucose levels decrease in insulin levels in the new condition or sudden blood glucose increases due to any reason. Every patient is afraid to take insulin. To keep the body healthy, insulin should be kept under the control of diabetes. If the body is good, the mind is good, the work efficiency increases.

Weight control

Keep your weight under the height. Walking for at least 30 minutes daily. Walk in such a way that your (Pulse) leads. Before walking, take 5-10 minutes to heat the body and walk slowly after 30 minutes and slowly cool down the body. Take the water before you walk.

Regular health check-up

Diabetes patients must regularly test kidneys, blood fat and cardiovascular disease. Diabetes patients will be tested every 6 months after the eyes (Fundoscopy) and will be treated according to the doctor’s advice. Remember, a doctor alone can not control glucose and diabetes-related complications alone. If the patients do not help.

During pregnancy:

If you are diagnosed with diabetes during pregnancy, you must take insulin and keep blood glucose under control more difficult. (F, 2 hours ABF, 2 hours AL, 2 hours AD) Under 6 millimol / L: and below (A1c) below 6.5%. Diabetes patients will take control of diabetes with insulin before taking the baby.

Foot care

Foot is one of the most important parts of the human body. Due to Diabetes Disease, there may be several types of difficulty in the legs. The inability of the nervous system and the availability of blood supply can reduce the feeling of foot and the foot may cause infection. This can result in decomposition of the legs, so the legs are cut off. All diabetics have to take special care of the feet.

1) Do not walk barefoot. Soft and relaxed shoes walk after. Do not wear shoes after wearing socks.

2) Do not pour too much hot water on the legs.

3) Do not injure the legs and do not hurt. If any changes in the feet are seen, immediately consult a doctor.

4) Cut excess nails of regular feet, specially take precautions while cutting the nails so that the finger does not hurt.

5) Do not cut the feet on your own. Do not wear dirt or wet socks.

6) Do regular exercise for daily movement of blood.

7) Wash the feet thoroughly and wash the feet with dry cloth every day. The middle of the two fingers of the foot should not be wet.

8) You can use mirrors to look better or take help from others.

If you?

If any illness such as fever, vomiting, diarrhea and respiratory increase, blood glucose and blood pressure will be examined immediately. If needed, increase the dose of insulin or reduce it. If there is a problem that can stop the insulin without the doctor’s advice, and if the dosage is high, you can become unconscious by decreasing blood glucose. If the blood glucose (4 ml mol) decreases, you have to take some time to eat, and if you can not eat glucose intake.


Do not stop insulin suddenly by indulging in unwanted advices on the road and prompting the cheap medical treatment of the newspaper. In that case, there may be complications like DKA or HONK and lead you to death very quickly. Do not drink unnecessary pain medicines. Because it can cause kidney damage. Do not get unnecessarily afraid of diabetes or do not neglect diabetes. The complications of diabetes such as neglect of negligence are expensive and at the same time its treatment is frustrating.

Diabetes is aware of your own responsibility (glucose control) as a patient, raises awareness of family members and motivates everyone to work hard.

Let’s control food, work hard and diabetes is controlling from the very first stage. As soon as enjoying life, we express gratitude to the Creator.

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