Causes and remedies for neck pain

Most of us suffer from neck pain in life once. The vertebrae is called the universal language of the spinal cord. The seven upper vertebrae and two vertebrae discs, muscles and ligaments, constitute a circular spine or neck. The neck of the scalp from the bone (scalp) to the seventh vertebrae of the spine is wide. Eight pairs of surveillance spines provide nerve (nerve) movement of the neck, shoulders, arms, lower arm and hands and fingers of the skin and movement of the muscles. For neck problems, the patient goes to the doctor with neck, shoulders, arms and hands or only the various symptoms of hand. Neck problem is higher than women in men.

There are two types of pain in the neck

  1. Local or local pain
  2. Referred pain or spreading away pain.

Causes of neck pain 

There may be pain in the neck due to many reasons, notably among them

  1. Survival Spondylosis
  2. Survival Spondylitis
  3. Survival Spondylysathesis
  4. Survival Rebes
  5. Survival canal stenosis or spinal cord stenosis
  6. Survival Dick Prolapse or Harmony, where the HariNiat Disc applies pressure on the nerve.
  7. Muscles, bones, pairs, ligaments, discs (between the two vertebrae) and neurological diseases or injuries.
  8. Sleep or insomnia in unusual positions
  9. High Blood Pressure and Heart Disease
  10. Inflammation and decay of bone and young bone
  11. Osteoporosis or bone loss and fragility disease
  12. Bones are soft and curved
  13. Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cereo Negative Arthritis
  14. Survival osteo-arthritis
  15. Fibromyalgia


  1. Necklaces and this pain can extend to shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.
  2. Abnormal feeling or abnormality in shoulders, arms, hands and fingers.
  3. Arms, hands and fingers may be weak.
  4. There are always neck straps (Stephanas) and grow slowly
  5. Working in the movement of the neck and standing in the pain increases the pain.

Laboratory Testing 

The laboratory needs to be examined before determining the cause of neck basta treatment.


Neckbirth treatment depends on the causes. The main goal of treatment is,

  1. To cure pain and other symptoms
  2. Normal movement of the neck.

Conservative treatment 

  1. Enjoy antinaphmetic medicines
  2. Physiotherapy Treatment This is a side-effects of modern medicine. Depending on the different types of physiotherapy exercises.

Here are several manual bunanuplation therapy, therapeutic exercise and these treatments are used in different types of electromechanical equipment; For example,
Interferaneous therapies, ultra-red rays, micro-wave dietheremi, ultrasound therapy, shortwave dihythmry and intermittent traction, transcutaneous electrical stimulation etc. And for a few cases two-three weeks of hospitalization is to be treated with complete rest when admitted to hospital.

Surgical treatment

If you do not get good with conservative or medical treatment, if the pain progresses gradually, if there is nerves, arms, hands and fingers, weakness and uneasiness, and if you do not have urine or toilet, then you should have to take immediate medical treatment depending on various surgical procedures.

To do

  1. Do not work for a long time leaning forward.
  2. Do not take any weight on the head.
  3. Take the necessary rest.
  4. Sleep in a tight bed.
  5. During bedtime, use a medium-sized pillow, half of which will give head and half under the neck.
  6. Even if the pain decreases, the neck is low or high, the twisting position is closed.
  7. Reduce extra physical work.
  8. Never rub the neck of the salon.
  9. Do not look long after lying down or watching television.
  10. Monitor your eyes while working on a computer.

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