Leave Today to Avoid Heart Disease

There are some common habits that can ruin your heart’s health. But we think they are normal. Nowadays, heart disease has emerged among the causes of premature death. As a result, it is necessary for all to take care of their health to keep the heart healthy. And there are some simple everyday practices that can play an important role in keeping your heart healthy.

You may know that healthy eating habits and regular athletics keep the heart healthy. There are some common habits that can ruin your heart’s health. But we think they are normal. Let’s know what are the practices that destroy the health of your heart.

Leave Today to Avoid Heart Disease

All day sitting / watching TV

If you sit for hours, it increases your risk of heart attack and stroke. Although you are doing exercises Because, due to no movement, blood fat and sugar levels rise. So do not sit continuously for long.

Leaving hospitality and not being treated for depression

Stress, feelings of frustration or depression affect your heart. Depressing the stress may cause harm to your body and to destroy the health of the heart. This will increase social gathering.


Naddaka may be an abnormal slip appointee – symptoms of a serious illness such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. The symptoms of respiration during sleep This can lead to high blood pressure. And increased blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack or stroke. So resolve Nakodar soon.

Do not clean teeth gums

Studies have shown that heart disease has a strong relation with heart disease. If the gums are not cleaned, then the bacterial layer of the dose can cause inflammation in the body. Which is harmful for your heart. So make regular dental gums clean.


Drinking more often leads to increased risk of high blood pressure. Increases blood fat content. As a result, there is a risk of heart attack or heart failure. Besides, additional calorie intake of alcohol increases weight. The health risks of the heart are also made. So leave alcohol today.

Over eating

Increasing weight is a big risk for heart health. As a result, additional food can not be eaten. And drink water instead of sweet drinks.

Eat red meat

Red meat contains more fat content. If the processed meat increases the risk of heart disease and increases the risk of colon cancer.

 Soft drinks

Matthew Pace, senior research fellow at the Neurology Department of Boston University School of Medicine, said that there are very little information on diet and health risks in our hands. This research is conducted on 2888 people aged 45 and 1484 in 60 years of age. But to be more confident about this, more research is needed. Because many people drink diet. It is therefore important to ensure their health risks. Studies show that more than 60 years of age among people aged 60 and over are at risk of stroke and mental disorder. These problems are not very intense for people under 60 years of age. In response to this report, the American Beverages Association said in a statement that global security authorities have been saying that low-calorie suistane-rich diet rich in soft drinks is more secure. In the statement that the security authority, including the FDA, World Health Organization, the European Food Safety Authority, Head of Neurology Department of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Ralph Soak did a similar study. He said in a research on artificially sweetened diet drinks and vascular health, that such artificial sweetened diet will have an effect on the brain when going through the vascular cycle due to drinking water. This report, based on a sample, was based on a study based on the data of people who were taken as samples. So there is no unanimous reason to accept this result as final.

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